Grow into the
amazing new you.

Our skills development program empowers young women through a series of online training workshops. Think of it as your personal growth kit to find a job you want.

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Be Strong

Learn how to build yourself up and make a great first impression.

Be Ready

Gain valuable knowledge to enhance your life skills.

Be Fearless

Lift your spirits by reaching a goal that you set for yourself.

Online workshops to boost everything.

Get a head start on job hunting by improving skills like public speaking, resume prep, and most importantly, building your confidence. We’re here to help you.

What you can expect:

  • Hosted by an Ivy Collective team member, plus special guests
  • Sessions will include slides, polls, and interactive Zoom chats
  • Each session can last up to an hour and will have a Q&A at the end
  • After each session you will receive an email with additional resources
  • A fun, collaborative way to get yourself moving

Invite a friend to these
virtual webinars. What are
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Free sessions to get you started

Choose a workshop that suits you. Or better yet, sign up for all of them! Sessions will commence fall of 2021. Stay tuned!

Let’s organize your life to find a job that fits you. We’ll break down how to create the perfect resume and cover letter, get you ready for interviews, and help you list all your skills and attributes. You have a lot more than you think!

Personal Development Plans

Date & Time – TBD

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We all have hard times, the secret is knowing how to deal with them. Don’t worry, we got you. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set intentions, and deal with stress and anxiety. Plus, build healthy fitness and eating routines, and create the motivation you need to thrive.

Own It!

Date & Time – TBD

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Good study habits make it easier for you to deal with all that homework. It won’t seem so big if you know some tips and tricks to set goals, track your progress, and set yourself up for success.

Improve Your Study Skills

Date & Time – TBD

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All it takes is a little doubt to get you off track. Self-awareness and reflection is key to building up your self-confidence. In this workshop, we’ll talk about a positive mindset, communicating assertively, public speaking, and so much more. This session is to help you realize that your brand matters!

I AM Awesome! Positive Self-image! YOUR BRAND MATTERS

Date & Time – TBD

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Get to know us.

IVY COLLECTIVE was created by Enactus, a student-run organization based out of Okanagan College. We saw the need for supportive, developmental programs for young women and wanted to help by sharing our wisdom.